Employer Services
ETC is here to meet all your payroll needs after your employment returns have been filed. Our services are designed to resolve any recent* penalties or discrepancies you may have with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Social Security Administration (SSA), and/or state agencies, restore your compliance history, and help prevent future problems.

Here is a comprehensive list of our services. Click on each one for the details, or simply contact us for more information.
Free consultation
Analysis of IRS transcripts and records
Analysis and resolution of employment tax and payroll-related penalties
Resolution of various IRS and SSA notices
Appeal of denied penalty abatement requests
Complete payroll and employment tax compliance reviews
On-site presentations and hands-on workshops
* Recent penalties are any within the IRS’ three-year compliance period. For quarterly Forms 941, this means the current quarter, plus the 12 preceding quarters.
For annual Forms 940, 943, 944, and 945, this means the current tax year, plus the three preceding tax years.
Free Consultation
We will review your IRS, SSA, or state notice and advise you of the options and time frames you have to resolve the problem. We will answer your questions and provide you with an estimate for our services.
Analysis of IRS Transcripts and Records
This one-time analysis includes a review of your IRS employment tax accounts for the current year and the three preceding tax years. We will advise you of the compliance history the IRS has for you and recommend actions to remove any penalties that may exist on your record. You will receive a copy of your IRS transcripts along with our written recommendations. The standard fee for this service of $99.00 includes a consultation to discuss the recommendations and answer any questions you may have.
Resolution of Employment Tax and Payroll-Related Penalties
With the detailed information you provide, we will craft a letter on your behalf making the best possible effort to have your IRS or state penalties abated (reduced or removed). We will request that notices be stopped while the agency is reviewing our request and we will do all the follow-ups with the agency. You will receive a copy of ETC’s correspondence, plus an IRS transcript reflecting its final decision. The fee for this service varies with the type(s) of penalties involved, the penalty amount(s), and other factors that may exist on your IRS account. Do you want to know about our fees for your situation? Just contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with a no-obligation estimate.
Resolution of Various Non-Penalty IRS and SSA Issues
Did the IRS state you made an error on your employment tax return, but you do not understand or you do not agree? Is the IRS changing you to or from the annual Form 944? Did you receive correspondence from the SSA or the IRS stating your Forms 941 and W-2s are out of balance? Have any of your employees or retirees received IRS notices claiming they did not report all of their income because of additional or higher W-2s the IRS has? Have you received other confusing correspondence that does not involve a penalty? Do not despair. We will do our best to identify and resolve the problem for you. The fee for this service varies with the issues that are involved. Contact us for a free quote.
Appeal of Denied Penalty Abatement Requests
Even if you or someone else wrote a penalty abatement letter that the IRS denied, we can help. Our consultants are authorized to appeal penalty abatement denials with the Office of Penalty Appeals. The fee for this service varies with the denial reasons given, the type of penalty, and other factors that may exist on your IRS account. But, we want to help you get the penalty removed or reduced. Contact us and we will determine if a penalty appeal is right for your situation.
Complete Payroll and Employment Tax Compliance Reviews
This service starts with the basic analysis of your most current four years’ IRS tax accounts as explained under “Analysis of IRS Transcripts and Records” above. That’s where we point out any penalties that may exist in your compliance history and recommend how to eliminate them. With this complete compliance review, we also secure SSA’s records of your company’s W-2 filings and the IRS/SSA Combined Annual Wage Reporting (CAWR) comparisons for the same years. We will provide you with copies of both agencies’ records and our assessment of your overall federal employment tax compliance. If we notice problems, we will explain what they are and even create an action plan for you to follow in order to avoid the same problems in the future. So contact us and we will be happy to go over our fee structure with you.
On-Site Presentation and Hands-On Workshops
Do you have a need for our services, but prefer to perform these services yourself? No problem! We can arrange to have a consultant come to your site and actually train your payroll manager and others how to request penalty abatements and effectively resolve employment tax problems for your company. We will even use your own IRS/SSA notices and your real-life situations, plus leave you with some valuable reference tools we use every day. Feel free to contact us for an overview of our training modules and related fees.